Title: Boss's Pretend Wife: A Secret Baby Romance (Bosses and Babies)
Author: Crystal Monroe
Pages: 250
Language: English

First rule of a fake marriage?
Don’t get knocked up.

When my chiseled-by-God boss calls me to his office,
I think I’m about to get fired.
But instead, CEO Bryce Hollis proposes.
Marry him for six months,
Fix his playboy reputation so he won't lose his company,
And collect a giant bag of cash.

I’m game. How hard could it be?
Answer: very.
Because from the moment he kisses me at our fake wedding,
I know my V-card won’t last long.
Neither will the wall I built around my heart.

When two pink lines show up on the pregnancy test stick,
I’m toast.
Because I want more than just pretend from Bryce.
I want him to love me -- and our baby -- for real.

Rule number two?
Never, ever, fall for your fake husband.

Boss’s Pretend Wife is a standalone, full-length romance packed with heart and heat! You’ll fall in love with this wounded, bad boy hero and the only woman who can tame him. The HEA will put a smile on your face!

No cheating or cliffhangers. Enjoy!

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