Title: Dave the Villager 35: An Unofficial Minecraft Book (The Legend of Dave the Villager)
Author: Dave Villager

Boggo is getting married!

A 18,000 word story.

Love is in the air as Dave attends the wedding of an old friend. The only trouble is, that old friend has been turned into a zombie. Can Dave and his friends cure Boggo before it’s too late?

Disclaimer: This book is a work of fanfiction; it is not an official Minecraft book. It is not endorsed, authorized, licensed, sponsored, or supported by Mojang AB, Microsoft Corp. or any other entity owning or controlling rights to the Minecraft name, trademarks or copyrights.

Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2020 Mojang / Microsoft

Note: The release date is provisional and may change.

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