Title: Yesterday's Treasures: A Blueberry Beach Novel (Blueberry Beach Book 1)
Author: Jessie Gussman
Pages: 165
Language: English

She doesn't want a divorce, she just wants...something. Something more than being a single mom yet doing a man's laundry.

After fifteen years of her husband never having time for her, Lindy Coats moves with her teenaged daughter to their summer cottage on the shores of Lake Michigan outside the town of Blueberry Beach.

With a lonely single dad on one side of her, a crochety old business owner on the other and a young mother with terrible secrets and a son fighting leukemia across the road, it doesn’t take Lindy long to discover that learning to enjoy life is less about what she chooses to do for herself and more about what she chooses to do for others.

As she sinks into the small town atmosphere, healing her soul and excited at a new business opportunity, her ex shows up, wanting to reconcile.

Can she decide between her bright tomorrow or come to see the values of yesterday’s treasures?

Enjoy this delightful, heartwarming beach read today!

Reviews for Yesterday's Treasures:

★★★★★ “Jessie has written an absolutely beautiful story of forgiveness. This story and her characters are believable and relatable. She has perfectly described the raw and real feelings of a couple who's marriage is in trouble…This is a powerful and gripping story.” -KKRG

★★★★★ “The beach community feels like family and makes you want to host a barbecue and invite the whole gang.” – Mom of 8

★★★★★ “Jessie Gussman certainly knows how to touch her reader's hearts with a beautiful story of love and saving a marriage. I think this is one of her best books!” – Lori

★★★★★ “This is a sweet story of a man being humble enough to change and try to woo his wife back and a woman trying to decide if the pain is worth it to let him back into their lives. This is real and raw and vulnerable and yet full of love and grace and healing as only Jessie can do it.” - Wren Woodland

★★★★★ “As well written and realistic as it is tender and gives hope that what was lost can be reclaimed.” - Norma

Books in the Blueberry Beach series:

  1. Yesterday's Treasures
  2. Tomorrow's Blessings
  3. Beautiful Forevers
  4. Precious Memories
  5. Misty Mornings
  6. Sweet Afternoons

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