Title: A Vineyard Thanksgiving (The Vineyard Sunset Series Book 4)
Author: Katie Winters
Pages: 214
Language: English

A Martha’s Vineyard fisherman’s widow gets a second chance at love over a snow-capped Thanksgiving weekend. 

Charlotte Montgomery Hamner wakes up every morning to the same thoughts.

Jason died. Jason isn’t coming back. Rachel and I must go through this alone.

Since Jason drowned over a year and a half ago, Charlotte has struggled moving forward. She owns a popular wedding planning and events business and throws some of the most expensive and intricately-coordinated weddings, occasionally featuring celebrities, and always with her fourteen-year-old daughter’s help. But her devastation is so complete that sometimes she struggles to get out of bed in the morning.

As Thanksgiving approaches, a celebrity asks Charlotte to plan a gorgeous, multi-million-dollar wedding on Martha’s Vineyard—the kind of event that would put her on the next tier of wedding planning and get her featured in some of the top wedding magazines around the country.

With much of her normal staff off the island for the winter, Charlotte must task her cousins, the Sheridan sisters, as well as her sister, Claire, for help to throw this unforgettable wedding.

And somewhere between Thursday’s Thanksgiving dinner and the cake-cutting Saturday night, she just might find a love to call her own.

Dive into this new women's fiction series by heading to Martha's Vineyard— a backdrop of white sand and crystal blue waters that follow the stories of the Sheridan family. A heartwarming journey of friendship, loss, and love that will have you wanting the next book.

For fans of Pamela Kelley, Caroline Brown, Debbie Macomber, and Jan Moran.

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