Title: To Date a Man, You Must Understand a Man: The Keys to Catch a Great Guy (Relationship and Dating Advice for Women Book 7)
Author: Gregg Michaelsen
Pages: 86
Language: English

Learn The Secret Language of Men

What if you could get what you want from a man by communicating in a way that only he understands? His best male friend can do it, why can't you? You can now! Introducing Man Mode

Doesn't it drive you nuts how a man will show his soft underbelly to his male friends but not you? He won't show you crap when it comes to his emotions but he spills his guts to his buds. It's like there is some secret society that only men know. I will teach you "MAN MODE" to crack this secret just like his friends can. Man mode is how you communicate to a man just like his male friends do. It's simple, MAGICAL, and he won't even know!

This is the JEWEL and the core read to compliment all of my best sellers. This dating advice for women book gives you the blueprint to understanding the male mind.

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Guys get away with tons of stuff because YOU allow them to. This book will strip a man of his power and put you in control.

Hi I'm Gregg. I'm a top dating and life coach out of Boston. I have sold 250,000 books and this is what I am offering you:

Buy this book and there is a chance we can talk in private

How many Authors offer this?

Everyone's story is unique. You are unique. But your situation is not. I have seen it and fixed it a thousand times. So if we can talk directly, we can improve your situation.

This is what I do - I take as many emails as I can. It's possible I can talk with you. My email is inside the book. I love working with my wonderful readers as you can see in my reviews.

This dating advice book is your core read, my other top dating books are your tools, and I am your confidence builder.

In Section 1, We Learn His Blueprint:

  1. The Conveyor Belt to Manhood (The influences of our upbringing)
  2. How men love in different ways and how these affect YOU
  3. How men determine a keeper
  4. The 3 things men require (not what you think!)
  5. The 5 mistakes women often make and don't realize it (this alone will change your life)

In Section 2, I Teach:

  1. How and why you need to control your emotions
  2. Man Mode
  3. How to become a higher woman of value (experiences-the more the better)
  4. Baggage handling (both his and yours)
  5. My formula for attraction (complete this first, then find a guy)
  6. Confidence building done my way (You have never heard of this trick!)
  7. Some men are just idiots and should be DUMPED
  8. Power dating and why you need to do this
  9. Is he the one? And the plan to test him (this is fun)
  10. The secret language of men

Ladies, DO NOT PASS UP THIS BOOK! Hit the buy right now button in the upper right and let's get to work. Inside, I will also give you TWO FREE books to master men. Women rave about this book and it's contents.

Read the sequel to this book! Manimals! Understanding Different Types of Men and How to Date Them It's powerful, funny, and interactive.

About The Author

Gregg Michaelsen, Boston's top dating coach strikes again with trending dating and relationship advice for women. Read all his books on Amazon; 10 Secrets You Need To Know About Men, Power Texting Men, The Social Tigress, Who Holds the Cards Now?, How to Get Your Ex Back Fast and Love is in The Mouse. These books are game changers!

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